ZT202 PDF Datasheet – Universal Remote Control IC

Part Number: ZT202

Function: Universal Remote Control IC

Dice Format IC Dimension : 2230um(W) x 1930um(H)

Manufacturer: ZONTER Industrial Co.,Ltd.  ( http://www.zonter.com.tw )


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ZT202 pdf datasheet


The ZT202 is RS232 type Europe market universal remote control IC. It can control 8 devices at most , includes TV, VCR, Satellite receiver, Cable TV converter, CD, VCD, DVD, HIFI, Tape.

A remote control IC (Integrated Circuit) is a specialized electronic component designed to receive and process signals from remote controls, such as those used to operate televisions, DVD players, air conditioners, and various other consumer electronic devices. These ICs are a crucial part of the circuitry in remote control systems, and they are responsible for decoding the signals from the remote control unit and translating them into commands that the device can understand and act upon.


1. Single chip 8-bit micro-controller

2. Operating voltage : 2.2V to 5.5V

3. Operating current : 1.0mA to 5.1mA

4. Standby current : 1uA to 3uA

5. Low power dissipation

6. Ambient operating temperature : 0 to +70 ℃

7. Storage temperature : -55 to +150 ℃

8. Total 56 keys design (P0.0-P0.7 x P1.0-P1.6)

9. Resonator at 3.58M HZ

10. For TV , VCR, Satellite receiver, Cable TV


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ZT202 pinout

ZT202 PDF Datasheet

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