ADG508F Datasheet – 8-Ch Fault Protected Analog Multiplexer

Part Number: ADG508F

Function : 8-Channel Fault Protected Analog Multiplexer

Package:  16-Lead PDIP Package

Manufacturer: Analog Devices ( )


ADG508F Multiplexer


The ADG508F and ADG509F are CMOS analog multi- plexers, with the Device comprising eight single channels and the ADG509F comprising four differential channels. These multiplexers provide fault protection.



ADG508F datasheet pinout



1. All switches off with power supply off
2. Analog output of on channel clamped within power supplies if an overvoltage occurs
3. Latch-up proof construction
4. Low power dissipation (3.3 mW maximum)
5. Break-before-make construction
6. TTL and CMOS compatible inputs

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ADG508F Datasheet


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