APT30DS60BG Datasheet – 600V, 20A, Rectifier, Diode

Part Number: APT30DS60B

Function: 600V, 200A, RECOVERY RECTIFIER

Package: TO-247 Type

Manufacturer:  Microchip Technology ( Advanced Power Technology )

Image and pinouts

APT30DS60BG datasheet


APT30DS60BG is 600V, 20A, High Freqency Soft Recovery Rectifier, Diode.

(1) Voltage Rating (VRRM): 600V (Volts) – This is the maximum repetitive peak reverse voltage that the rectifier can withstand in the reverse direction without breaking down.

(2) Current Rating (IF(AV)): 20A (Amperes) – This is the average forward current that the rectifier can carry continuously under specified operating conditions.


• Ultrafast Recovery Times

• Soft Recovery Characteristics

• Popular TO-247 Package or Surface Mount D3PAK Package

• Low Forward Voltage

• High Blocking Voltage

• Low Leakage Current


It commonly used in various power electronic applications, including power supplies, motor drives, battery chargers, and inverters. They are essential components for converting AC power from the mains into DC power for electronic devices and systems.

• Anti-Parallel Diode

(1) Switchmode Power Supply

(2) Inverters

• Free Wheeling Diode

(1) Motor Controllers

(2) Converters

• Snubber Diode

• Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

• Induction Heating

• High Speed Rectifiers

Other data sheets within the file: APT30DS60BS

APT30DS60BG Datasheet PDF

APT30DS60BG pdf