AR6103 PDF Datasheet – ROCm Integrated 802.11n

Part Number: AR6103

Function: ROCm Integrated 802.11n

Package: 8.3mm x 9.2mm LGA package with 500um pitch pads

Manufacturer: Atheros

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The AR6103 is a complete, small form factor 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi solution optimized for lowpower, low-cost, and highly integrated mobile and portable consumer electronic devices. The device integrates all Wi-Fi functionality in a package friendly to low-cost PCB design, requiring only a few external bypass capacitors and connection to an antenna. The AR6103 is part of the 3rd generation ROCm™ family of mobile 11n devices, employing the world’s lowest power consumption embedded architecture.

The AR6103 can support numerous external Bluetooth devices, and includes advanced PTA coexistence support. A flexible architecture enables optional customization to meet customer specific profiles and use cases. On-chip high-efficiency high-output EPA™ power amplifier with zero calibration, integrated LNAs, integrated receive and transmit RF matching circuits, integrated reference crystal, and integrated T/R switch eliminate the need for external RF components and enable direct antenna connection.  Block Diagram Ultra low power consumption radio architecture and proprietary power save technologies extend battery life. On-chip highefficiency PMU (power management unit) enables direct-connect to battery, eliminating the need for external regulators. An on-chip embedded CPU handles complete 11n processing to minimize host processor loading.



1. Half Guard Interval for high max throughput;

2. Frame Aggregation for high max throughput;

3. Space Time Block Coding (STBC) for improved downlink robustness over range; and

4. Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) encoding AR6103 Features AR6103 High performance, ultra-low power, single stream (1×1) IEEE 802.11n featuring:

5. Support for standard interfaces including for improved uplink robustness over range

6. Near zero power consumption in idle and stand-by enables users to leave Wi-Fi always on”

7. Integrated high-power, high efficiency SDIO 2.


AR6103 pinout


AR6103 PDF Datasheet