ATJ2127 Datasheet – Digital Multimedia Chip ( PDF )

Part Number: ATJ2127

Package: LQFP64 Type ( 7x7mm)

Function: Digital Multimedia Chip for MP3 Player

Manufacturer: Actions Semiconductor

Portable Audio Player and Recorder – SoC – Color Display

ATJ2127 datasheet


The ATJ2127 is a new generation sing-chip highly-integrated digital multimedia solution for devices such as audio and video players. It is a low-cost, low-power, high-efficiency digital multimedia chip which is based on MIPS low power processor architecture with hardware accelerator. It is designed for portable audio/video product applications such as dedicated audio player, Boombox, car-audio player etc.

ATJ2127 includes an audio decoder and a video decoder with embedded RAM and ROM, ADPCM record capabilities and USB interface for downloading music and uploading voice recordings. ATJ2127 also provides an interface to flash memory, SD/MMC card, LED/LCD, button and switch inputs, headphones and microphone, and FM radio input and control. Its embedded audio codec supports almost all digital audio standards, and the embedded video codec supports Motion JPEG

. For devices like USB-Disk, it can act as a USB mass storage slave device to personal computer system.

This chip has low power consumption to allow long battery life and supports Li-on battery only. The built-in Sigma-Delta D/A includes a headphone driver to directly drive low impedance headphone. The A/D includes inputs for both Microphone and Analog Audio in to support voice recording and FM radio integration features. ATJ212X supports multi-task operation which allows user to hear song and look picture simultaneously. Thus, it provides a true ’ALL-IN-ONE’ solution that is ideally suited for highly optimized digital audio and video players.


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