BB139 PDF Datasheet – 30V, Silicon Varicap Diode, Rectifier

This post explains for the diode BB-139.

The function of this semiconductor is 30V, Silicon Varicap Diode.

The package is DO-35 Type.

Manufacturer: Fairchild, ITT Components

See the preview image and the PDF file for more information.

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BB139 Rectifier


BB139 is 30V, VHF / FM Varactor Diode. Variable capacitance diode is a type of diode that exhibits a variable capacitance when a voltage is applied across it. It is also known as a voltage-variable capacitor or tuning diode. Varicap diodes are primarily used in electronic circuits for tuning and frequency modulation in applications such as radio receivers, television tuners, and voltage-controlled oscillators.

BB139 pinout

BB139 diode

Absolute maximum ratings :

0. Maximum Voltage : 30 V ( Working Inverse Voltage )

1. Storage Temperature Range : – 55 °C to + 150 °C

2. Maximum Junction Operating Temperature : + 150 °C

3. Load Temperature : + 260 °C



1. VHF Tuner

BB139 PDF Datasheet

BB139 pdf

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