BGU8052 Datasheet – Low Noise High Linearity Amplifier

BGU8052 is a low-noise amplifier (LNA) IC designed for use in radio frequency (RF) applications.

Function: Low Noise High Linearity Amplifier

Package: HWSON8, 2mm × 2 mm × 0.75 mm 8-terminal plastic thin small outline package Type

Manufacturer: NXP Semiconductors


BGU8052 datasheet pdf


The BGU8052 is, also known as the BGTS1001M, a low noise high linearity amplifier for wireless infrastructure applications, equipped with fast shutdown to support TDD systems. The LNA has a high input and output return loss and is designed to operate between 1.5 GHz and 2.5 GHz.


• Low noise performance: NF = 0.50 dB

• High linearity performance: IP3O = 36 dBm

• High input return loss > 15 dB

• High output return loss > 20 dB

• Unconditionally stable up to 20 GHz

• Programmable bias current (via resistor)

• ESD protection on all terminals

• Moisture sensitivity level 1

• Fast shut down to support TDD systems

• 3 V to 5 V single supply


BGU8052 pinout

1. VBIAS,  bias voltage

2. RF_IN,  RF input

3. n.c.,  not connected

4, 5, 8. i.c.,  internally connected. Can be grounded or left open in the application.

6. SHDN,  shutdown

7. RF_OUT,  RF output

Exposed die pad. GND,  ground


• Wireless infrastructure

• Low noise and high linearity applications


• General-purpose wireless applications

• TDD or FDD systems

• Suitable for small cells

BGU8052 Datasheet PDF

BGU8052 pdf