CSD87381P Datasheet – Buck NexFET Power Block

Part Number: CSD87381P

Function: Synchronous Buck NexFET Power Block II / Optimized for 5 V Gate Drive

Package: PTAB (MPC) 5 Type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


CSD87381P datasheet


The CSD87381P NexFET power block II is a highly optimized design for synchronous buck applications offering high current and high efficiency capability in a small 3-mm × 2.5-mm outline. Optimized for 5 V gate drive applications, this product offers an efficient and flexible solution capable of providing a high density power supply when paired with any 5 V gate driver from an external controller/driver.


1. Half-Bridge Power Block
2. 90% System Efficiency at 10 A
3. Up to 15 A Operation
4. High Density – 3 × 2.5 mm LGA Footprint
5. Double Side Cooling Capability
6. Ultra-Low Profile – 0.48 mm Max
7. Optimized for 5 V Gate Drive
8. Low Switching Losses

Official Homepage: https://www.ti.com/product/csd87381p

Other data sheets are available within the file: CSD87381, CSD87381PT


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