CYHME301 Datasheet – Hall-Effect Vane Sensor ( PDF )

Part Number: CYHME301

Function: Hall-Effect Vane Sensor

Manufacturer: ChenYang


CYHME301 datasheet



ChenYang Automotive Shaft Position Monitoring Sensor CYHME301 is designed to work in the conditions of automobile environment. The device is produced in compliance with the international standard and features: modern design, accurateness, endurance, narrow temperature drifting, smooth and clean output curve as well as non instantaneous dithering.



• Contactless switch/sensor with open collector output (40mA)
• Static switching/sensing
• High switching/sensing frequency
• Hermetically sealed with plastic
• Unaffected by dirt, light and vibration
• Large temperature and voltage ranges
• Integrated protection of overvoltage etc.

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