DS18B20 Pinout – Temperature Sensor – Maxim ( PDF )

Part Number: DS18B20

Function: Programmable Resolution 1-Wire Digital Thermometer

Package: TO-92, uSOP 8pin type

Manufacturer: Maxim Integrated (formerly Dallas)




The DS18B20 digital thermometer provides 9-bit to 12-bit Celsius temperature measurements and has an alarm function with nonvolatile user programmable upper and lower trigger points.

DS18B20 pinout datasheet



1. Unique 1-Wire® interface requires only one port pin for communication

2. Each device has a unique 64-bit serial code stored in an onboard ROM

3. Multidrop capability simplifies distributed temperature sensing applications

4. Requires no external components

5. Can be powered from data line. Power supply range is 3.0V to 5.5V


Block Diagram

DS18B20 Datasheet block diagram

Reference Site

  1. https://www.hobbytronics.co.uk/ds18b20-arduino
  2. Maxim Official Homepage
  3. https://www.sparkfun.com/products/245

DS18B20 Pinout

DS18B20 pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: DS18B20+, DS18B20+T&R, DS18B20-SL+T&R, DS18B20-SL/T&R

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