DS2E-ML2-DC9V Datasheet – 9V, DPDT, Relay, 2 Form C

Part Number: DS2E-ML2-DC9V

Function: DS RELAYS High Reliability Relay fo Various Applications

Package: DIP PCB Type

Manufacturer: Panasonic Corporation


DS2E-ML2-DC9V datasheet



1. Breakthrough height of 9.8 mm .386 inchbeats the 10 mm .394 inchlimit 1c and 2c all have the same height (9.8 mm .386 inch). The width of the relay is also the same (9.9 mm .390 inch). Since the only size variable is the length, the shared form makes mounting on printed printing wiring boards easy.

2. Suitable for use in difficult environments Epoxy resin seals the parts and cut off the external atmosphere, thus enabling use in difficult environments.

3. Can be used with automatic solder and automatic wash systems Automatic soldering and automatic washing can be carried out once the parts are mounted on PC boards.

4. Gold-clad twin contacts ensure high reliability Highly stable gold cladding on the contacts ensures that contact resistance changes little over time. Furthermore, the use of twin contacts, a configuration that performs with superior contact reliability, ensures extremely low contact failure rates even under low level loads.

5. Polarized magnetic circuits realize resistance to shock and vibration High-performance polarized magnetic circuits that utilize the energy of permanent magnets have made it possible to create relays with strong resistance to shock and vibration.

6. DIL terminal array enables use of IC sockets

7. Widening scope of application with multicontact latching In addition to single side stable types, you can take advantage of the memory of functions of convenient 2 coil latching relays.


• Telecommunication equipment

• Office equipment

• Computer peripherals

• Security equipment

• Measuring instrumentation

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