EL5162 Datasheet – 500MHz, Current Feedback Amplifiers

Part Number: EL5162

Function: 500MHz Low Power Current Feedback Amplifiers with Enable

Manufacturer: Intersil


EL5162 datasheet


The EL5162, EL5163, EL5262, EL5263, and EL5362 are current feedback amplifiers with a bandwidth of 500MHz.

This makes these amplifiers ideal for today’s high speed video and monitor applications.

With a supply current of just 1.5mA and the ability to run from a single supply voltage from 5V to 12V, these amplifiers are also ideal for handheld, portable or battery-powered equipment.


1. Battery-powered equipment
2. Handheld portable devices
3 Video amplifiers
4. Cable drivers
5. RGB amplifiers
6. Test equipment
7. Instrumentation
8. Current to voltage converters

Other data sheets are available within the file:

EL5162IS, EL5162IS-T13, EL5162IS-T7, EL5162ISZ

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