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Part Number: EL84


Manufacturer: Philips, NXP

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The EL84 is a thermionic valve of the power pentode type. It has a 9 pin Noval base and is used mainly in the power output stages of audio amplification circuits, most commonly now in guitar amplifiers, but originally in radios and many other devices of the pre-transistor era. The EL84 is smaller and more sensitive than the octal 6V6 that was widely used around the world until the 1960s. An interchangeable North American type is the 6BQ5 (the RETMA tube designation name for the EL84).

This end pentode is designed for use in audio amplifiers, and was introduced by Philips in 1953. In a balanced circuit is supplied with a power of 10 to 17 watts. Ten watt guitar amplifiers fitted with 2 x EL84 connected in balance are still popular.Variants are E84LS (Teslovak Hi-Fi), EL84N (this is Svetlana SV83, g2 maximum voltage 200V) and the EL84s (Hi-Fi version). SQ embodiments, the E84L (= 7320) and EL84M. The EL84F is a French variant, the EL84EH reinforced Russian tube. The thin glass tube has a diameter of 20 mm and is, excluding the pins B9A, 68 mm long. The used Philips product codes are kM, Xr, and Rx, the resistance of the filament is 1.1 ohm.

 EL84 datasheet

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EL84 Datasheet

EL84 pdf