EMC2 Datasheet PDF – Dual Digital Transistor – Rohm

Part Number: EMC2, UMC2N, FMC2A

Function: Dual Digital Transistor

Manufacturer: Rohm

Image and Pinout
EMC2 datasheet pinout


This is Power Management ( Dual Digital Transistor ).


1) Includes a DTA124E and DTC124E transistor in a EMT or UMT or SMT package.
2) Ideal for power switch circuits.
3) Mounting cost and area can be cut in half.

EMC2 equivalent circuit

Structure :

1. Epitaxial planar type
2. a PNP and a NPN digital transistor (each with two built in resistors)

The following characteristics apply to both DTr1and DTr2,, however, the “-” sign on DTr2,values for the PNP type have been omitted.


EMC2 Datasheet


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