HA13614FH Datasheet PDF – Combo (Spindle & VCM) Driver

Part Number: HA13614FH

Function: Combo (Spindle & VCM) Driver

Package: FP-48T ( Small surface mount package )

Manufacturer: Hitachi ( Renesas Electronics )

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HA13614FH datasheet


This COMBO driver for HDD application consists of sensorless spindle driver and BTL type VCM driver. “PWM soft switching function” for low power dissipation and less commutation acoustic noise at the same time is implemented by using the IPIC- process.


1. PWM soft switching drive
2.  Low thermal resistance: 30°C/W with 4 layer multi glass-epoxy board
3. TTL compatible input level (with 3.3 V logic interface)
4. High precision reference voltage output (for 3.3 V power supply)




1. 16 bit serial port
2. 2.0 A Max/3-phase spindle motor driver with PWM soft switch function
3. 1.5 A Max BTL VCM driver with low crossover distortion
4. PWMDAC for VCM drive current control
5. Power off brake function for spindle motor
6. Auto retract with constant output voltage

Other data sheets are available within the file: HA13614, 13614FH

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HA13614FH pdf