HRM3800 Datasheet PDF – Photo Module, 3 Pin Type

HRM3800 is an electronic component used to receive and decode IR signals transmitted by remote controls.

Function: Photo Module for infrared remote control systems

Package: 3 Pin type

Manufacturer: AZ Display

HRM3800 datasheet pdf



HRM3800 is miniaturized receiver for infrared remote control systems. PIN diode and preamplifier is assenmbled on lead frame. The demoduolated output signal can be decoded directlyby a microprocessor.

1. The photo module consists of a photodetector, usually a photodiode or phototransistor, which detects infrared light signals emitted by the remote control.

2. The IR receiver module demodulates the received IR signal, extracting the encoded data transmitted by the remote control. This demodulation process may involve filtering and amplifying the received signal to recover the original data.


1. High Reliability

2. Inner shield for good anti-interference ability

3.Low Power Consumption, only 5V supply voltage

4. High Sensitivity, large transmission range


HRM3800 pinout photo module

Maximum Ratings

1. Supply Voltage (VS) = 6.0V

2. Operating Temperature Range (Tamb) = -25 to + 85°C

3. Storage Temperature (TSTG) = -25 to + 85°C

4. Soldering Temperature (TSOL)= 260°C

Other data sheets within the file: HRM3800B

HRM3800 Datasheet PDF