IT8728F PDF – Integrated Super I/O Controller

Part Number: IT8728F

Function: Environment Control – Low Pin Count Input / Output

Pacakge: QFP 128 Pin Type

Manufacturer: ITE

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IT8728F pinout datasheet


1. Hardware Monitoring: The IT8728F provides monitoring capabilities for various system parameters, including voltage levels, temperatures, and fan speeds. It can monitor multiple voltage rails, such as CPU core voltage, memory voltage, and chipset voltage. It also supports temperature monitoring for multiple thermal sensors and fan speed monitoring for several fans.

2. Fan Control: The chip offers fan control functionality, allowing the user to adjust fan speeds based on temperature readings. This feature enables quieter operation and optimal cooling performance.

3. System Management: The IT8728F includes system management functions like power management, system wake-up, and system reset control. It can help manage system power states and control the behavior of the system during power-on, power-off, and sleep modes

IT8728F Datasheet