K1446 Datasheet PDF – 450V, 7A, N-Ch, MOSFET – Sanyo

Part Number: K1446

Function: 7A, 450V, N-Channel MOSFET

Package: TO-220FI(LS) Type

Manufacturer: SANYO (Panasonic)

Image and Pinouts:

K1446 datasheet


The K1446 is 7A, 450V, N-Channel Silicon MOSFET.

An N-channel MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) is a type of field effect transistor (FET) that uses an N-type semiconductor material as the conducting channel to control the flow of current.

In an N-channel MOSFET, the source and drain terminals are connected to an N-type semiconductor material, while the gate terminal is insulated from the channel by a thin oxide layer. When a positive voltage is applied to the gate terminal, it attracts electrons to the channel, creating an inversion layer and allowing current to flow between the source and drain terminals.


1. Low ON-state resistance.

2. Ultrahigh-speed switching

3. Micaless package facilitating easy mounting

Test Circuit


Absolute Maximum Ratings at Ta = 25°C

1. Drain-to-Source Voltage : VDSS = 450 V

2. Gate-to-Source Voltage : VGSS = ±30 V

3. Drain Current (DC) : ID = 7 A

4. Drain Current (Pulse) : IDP = 28 A

5. Allowable Power Dissipation : PD = 2.0 W

6. Channel Temperature : Tch = 150°C

7. Storage Temperature : Tstg =  -55 to +150°C



1. Ultrahigh-speed switching

Other data sheets are available within the file: 2SK1446

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