K6X4008T1F-GQ70 Datasheet – 512Kx8 bit, CMOS Static RAM

Part Number: K6X4008T1F-GQ70

Function: 512Kx8 bit Low Power and Low Voltage CMOS Static RAM

Package: SOP, TSSOP 32 Pin

Manufacturer: Samsung


K6X4008T1F-GQ70 datasheet


The K6X4008T1F families are fabricated by SAMSUNGs advanced CMOS process technology.
The families support various operatingtemperature range and have various package
type for user flexibility of system design. The families also support low data retention voltage for battery back-up operation with low data retention current.


·Process Technology: Full CMOS
·Organization: 512K´8
·Power Supply Voltage: 2.7~3.6V
·Low Data Retention Voltage: 2V(Min)
·Three State Outputs
·Package Type: 32-SOP-525, 32-TSOP2-400F/R, 32-TSOP1-0813.4F

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