KX-TS500FXB PDF – Telephone Service Manual

The Model Number is KX-TS500FXB.

This post explains for the Telephone Service Manual.

Manufacturer: Panasonic ( https://www.panasonic.com/ )

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KX-TS500FXB pdf manual


KX-TS500FXB is Telephone Equipment Manual.

1. Electric Volume Control
Even in mid-conversation, you can adjust the receiving volume of the handset to any of 6 levels.

2. Timed Flash
This function, which supports Call Waiting and PBX use, ensures that a caller is not accidentally cut off while on hold.

3. Redial Memory
This dials the number you most recently dialed. If you need to make a follow-up call or the line was busy the first time, just press the redial button.

Integrated Telephone System Black Version Blue Version Gray Version Red Version White Version (for Nordic model) © 2003 Panasonic Communications Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying and distribution is a violation of law.


1. Dimensions W x D x H (mm): 150 mm x 200 mm x 96 mm

2. Weight (g): 475 g

3. Switchable Tone / Pulse Setting

The KX-TS500 can be switched between tone (pushbutton) and pulse (rotary), ensuring that it will work on either type of telephone line.

4. 3 Level Ringer Volume

The ringer volume can be set to Off, Low, or High. Set it to Off when you don’t want to be disturbed during a meeting.

CONTENTS Page 1 ABOUT LEAD FREE SOLDER (PbF: Pb free) 1.1. Suggested PbF Solder 1.2. How to recognize that Pb Free solder is used 2 FOR SERVICE TECHNICIANS 3 CAUTION 4 LOCATION OF CONTROLS 5 SETTINGS 5.1. Connection 6 OPERATIONS 6.1. Making Calls 6.2. Answering Calls 7 SPECIAL Features 7.1. For Call Waiting Service Users 7.2. Temporary Tone Dialing (For Rotary or Pulse Service Users) 8 DISASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS 9 TROUBLE SHOOTING GUIDE 9.1. Service Hints 9.2. Pulse Dialing Problems 9.3. Problems With the Handset 9.4. Tone Dialing Problem […]

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KX-TS500FXB PDF Manual

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