KX3001 Datasheet – Boost DC/DC Regulator ( PDF )

Part Number: KX3001

Function: Synchronous Boost DC/DC Regulator

Package: SOT-23-6 Type

Manufacturer: www.szkxw.com

Image and Pinouts:

KX3001 datasheet



The KX3001 is high efficiency synchronous, PWM step-up DC/DC converters optimized to provide a high efficient solution to medium power systems. The devices work under the input voltage between 0.9V and 4.4V with a 1.4MHz fixed frequency switching. These features minimize overall solution footprint by allowing the use of tiny, low profile inductors and ceramic capacitors. Automatic PWM/PFM mode switching at light load saves power and improves efficiency.


1. Up to 94% Efficiency

2. Low voltage start-up : 0.9V

3. 1.4Mhz fixed freqeuncy switching

4. High switch on current : 0.9 A


1. Digital cameras and MP3
2. Palmtop computers / PDAs
3. Cellular phones
4. Wireless handsets and DSL modems
5. PC cards
6. Portable media players

KX3001 Datasheet PDF Download

KX3001 pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file:  KX-3001