MA803AE2 PDF Datasheet – Single-chip Microprocessor

Part Number: MA803AE2

Function: Single-chip Microprocessor

Package: DIP 28 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Megawin


MA803AE2 pdf manual



MA803AE2 is a single-chip microprocessor based on 80C51 high-efficiency 1-T structure, each instruction requires 1~7 clock signals (6~7 times faster than standard 8051), and is compatible with 8051 instruction set. Therefore, with the same processing power as the standard 8051, the MA803 only needs to run at a very low speed, thereby reducing power consumption to a great extent.
MA803 has 15.5K bytes of built-in Flash memory for saving code and data.

Flash memory can be programmed through in-system (ISP). At the same time, in-application programming (IAP) capabilities are also provided. ISP allows users to download new code without removing the microcontroller from the product; IAP means that the microcontroller can write non-volatile data in Flash while the application is running. These functions are provided by the built-in charge pump to provide high voltage for programming. […]


1. On-chip 512 bytes of data RAM

2. Two 16-bit timer/counters: Timer 0, and Timer 1.

3. 7 interrupt sources, four-level priority interrupt capability

4. Enhanced UART, support frame error detection Hardware address recognition

5. SPI interface (master/slave mode)

6. 23 general-purpose input and output ports

7. Built-in 6MHz internal crystal oscillator

8. Double data pointer DPTR

9. 2 external interrupt inputs: INT0/INT1

10. Built-in low voltage detection LVD and reset circuit

11. Working voltage: 4.5V~5.5V

MA803AE2 Datasheet