MAX703CSA Datasheet – Microprocessor Supervisory Circuit

Part Number: MAX703CSA

Function: Low-cost microprocessor supervisory circuit with battery backup. Precison supply-voltage monitor 4.65V.

Package: SO 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Maxim Integrated


MAX703CSA datasheet



The  MAX703, MAX704, MAX703CSA microprocessor  (μP)  supervisory circuits reduce the complexity and number of components required for power-supply monitoring and battery control functions  in  μP  systems.  These  devices  significantly improve system reliability and accuracy compared to that obtained with separate ICs or discrete components.

The devices are available in 8-pin DIP and SO packages and provide four functions:

1) An active-low reset during power-up, power-down, and brownout conditions.

2) Battery-backup switching for CMOS RAM, CMOS μPs, or other low-power logic circuitry.

3) A  1.25V  threshold  detector  for  power-fail  warning, low-battery detection, or for monitoring a power supply other than +5V.

4) An active-low manual reset input.

The MAX703 and MAX704 differ only in their supplyvolt age monitor levels. The MAX703 generates a reset when the supply drops below 4.65V, while the MAX704 generates a reset below 4.40V.


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