MPX10 PDF – 10 kPa Silicon Pressure Sensor

Part Number: MPX10

Function: 10 kPa Uncompensated Silicon Pressure Sensors

Manufacturer: Freescale Semiconductor

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The MPX10 and MPXV10GC series devices are silicon piezoresistive pressure sensors providing a very accurate and linear voltage output — directly proportional to the applied pressure. These standard, low cost, uncompensated sensors permit manufacturers to design and add their own external temperature compensation and signal conditioning networks. Compensation techniques are simplified because of the predictability of Freescale’s single element strain gauge design. Figure 1 shows a schematic of the internal circuitry on the stand-alone pressure sensor chip.


• Low Cost • Patented Silicon Shear Stress Strain Gauge Design • Ratiometric to Supply Voltage • Easy to Use Chip Carrier Package Options • Differential and Gauge Options • Durable Epoxy Unibody Element or Thermoplastic (PPS) Surface Mount Package

Functional Description:

• Air Movement Control • Environmental Control Systems • Level Indicators • Leak Detection • Medical Instrumentation • Industrial Controls • Pneumatic Control Systems • Robotics ORDERING INFORMATION(1) Device Type Options Case No. Order Number SMALL OUTLINE PACKAGE (MPXV10G SERIES) Ported Rails 482A MPXV10GC6U Elements Tape and Reel 482A MPXV10GC6T1 Rails 482C MPXV10GC7U UNIBODY PACKAGE (MPX10 SERIES) Basic Differential 344 MPX10D Element Ported Differential 344C MPX10DP Elements Gauge 344B MPX10GP Gauge 344E MPX10GS Device Marking MPXV10G Pin 1 is noted by the notch in the lead. UNIBODY PACKAGE PIN NUMBERS 1 2 GND +Vout 3 4 Vs –Vout NOTE: Pin 1 is noted by the notch in the lead. 1. MPX10 series pressure sensors are available in differential and gauge configurations. Devices are available in the basic element package or with pressure port fittings which provide printed circuit board mounting ease and barbed hose pressure connections. UNIBODY PACKAGES MPX10D CASE 344-15 MPX10GP CASE 344B-01 MPX10DP CASE 344C-01 MPX10GS CASE 344E-01 © Freescale Semiconductor, Inc., 2007. All rights reserved. 3 +VS 2 Sensing Element 4 +VOUT –VOUT 1 GND Figure 1. Uncompensated Pressure Sensor Schematic VOLTAGE OUTPUT VERSUS APPLIED DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE The output voltage of the differential or gauge sensor increases with increasing pressure applied to the pressure side (P1) relative to the vacuum side (P2). Similarly, output voltage increases as increasing vacuum is applied to the vacuum side (P2) relative to the pressure side (P1). Table 1. Maximum Ratings(1) Rating Maximum Pressure (P1 > P2) Burst Pressure (P > P2) Storage Temperature Operat […]

MPX10 pinout datasheet

MPX10 PDF Datasheet