MT29F32G08CBADAWP Datasheet – NAND Flash Memory

Part Number: MT29F32G08CBADAWP

Function: 32Gb, NAND Flash Memory

Package: 48-TSOP Type

Manufacturer: Micron Technology

MT29F32G08CBADAWP datasheet


This is 32Gb ( 4G x 8 ), Flash NAND Memory IC. The MT29F32G08CBADAWP is a 32Gb NAND Flash memory device. The MT29F64G is a two-die stack that operates as two independent
32Gb devices. The MT29F128G is a four-die stacks that operates as two independent
64Gb devices, providing a total storage capacity of 128Gb. Each stack provides the noted
density in a single, space-saving package. Micron NAND Flash devices include standard
NAND Flash features as well as new features designed to enhance system-level performanc

Density : 32Gb Status : Production
RoHS : Yes Width : x8
Voltage : 3.3V Package : TSOP


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