NS4263 Datasheet – 3W Stereo AB Audio Amplifier – NSIWAY

Part Number: NS4263

Function: Class AB / Class D Operating Mode Switching Function

Package: SOP 16, TSSOP 20 Pin

Manufacturer: NSIWAY



The NS4263 is a Class AB / Class D operating mode switching function, ultra low EMI, no filter, 3W dual channel audio amplifier. another, The audio power amplifier drives the stereo headset in single-ended operation when the headphone jack is plugged into the jack. The chip switches between Class AB or Class D operating modes to match different application environments.

Even when operating in class D mode NS4263 is used State-of-the-art technology that significantly reduces EMI interference in the full bandwidth range and minimizes the impact on other components. To simplify audio System design, NS4263 bridge connected loudspeaker amplification mode and single-ended stereo headphone amplification mode are implemented on the same chip. NS4263 Eliminates the need for a filter’s PWM modulation structure and a built-in feedback resistor to reduce external components, PCB area and system cost.

Built-in NS4263 Over-current protection, over-temperature protection and under-voltage protection function, to effectively protect the chip in the abnormal working conditions are not damaged. And utilizes the spread spectrum technology Fully optimized for the new circuit design, up to 90% of the efficiency is more suitable for mobile phones and other portable audio products.






1. AB class / D class working mode switching function

2. The operating mode and low power shutdown mode are controlled by one line pulse

3. 3W output power

4. 0.1% THD (1W output power, 5V power supply)

5. Excellent full-bandwidth EMI suppression

6. Excellent “power-down, power-down” noise suppression

7. Up to 90% efficiency (Class D operation)

8. Operating voltage range: 3.0V ~ 5V

9. Over-current protection, over-temperature protection


Block Diagram



NS4263 Datasheet


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