PB5350 Datasheet PDF – 50V, PNP Transistor, NXP

Part Number: PBSS5350Z

Marking : PB5350

Function: -50V, Low VCEsat PNP transistor

Package: SOT-223 Type

Manufacturer: NXP Semiconductors.

Image and Pinouts:

PB5350 datasheet


This is 50V, Low VCEsat PNP Transistor.


1. Low collector-emitter saturation voltage

2. High collector current capability: ICand ICM

3. High collector current gain (hFE) at high IC

4. Higher efficiency leading to less heat generation

5. Reduced PCB area requirements compared to DPAK.

6. NPN complement: PBSS4350Z.


1. Power management

(1) DC/DC converters
(2) Supply line switching
(3) Battery charger
(4) Linear voltage regulation (LDO).

2. Peripheral drivers

(1) Driver in low supply voltage applications, e.g. lamps LEDs
(2) Inductive load driver, e.g.relays, buzzers, motors.


PB5350 Datasheet PDF Download

PB5350 pdf
Other data sheets are available within the file: PB-5350, PBSS-5350Z

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