PC817 PDF Datasheet – Photocoupler

This post explains for the Photocoupler.

The Part Number is PC817.

The function of this semiconductor is High Density Mounting Type Photocoupler.

The package is SOP 4 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Kexin

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PC817 pinout datasheet


The PC817 is High Density Mounting Type Photocoupler.

A photocoupler, also known as an optocoupler or an optoisolator, is an electronic component that combines a light-emitting diode (LED) and a photodetector within a single package. It is used to transfer electrical signals between two isolated circuits while maintaining electrical isolation between them.

The basic structure of a photocoupler consists of an LED on one side and a photodetector on the other side, with a transparent isolation barrier in between. When current flows through the LED, it emits light, which is then detected by the photodetector. The intensity of the emitted light corresponds to the input signal, and this light signal is converted back into an electrical signal by the photodetector.

The main purpose of a photocoupler is to provide electrical isolation between the input and output circuits, protecting one circuit from the other. This isolation helps to prevent noise, voltage spikes, and potential ground loops from affecting the operation or safety of the connected circuits.


1. Current transfer ratio ( CTR: MIN. 50% at IF = 5mA ,VCE=5V)

2. High isolation voltage between input and output

Absolute Maximum Ratings:

Ta = 25℃ Parameter Input Reverse voltage Collector – Emitter Output Voltage Emitter-Collector Output Voltage Isolation Voltage Input Forward Current Input Peak Forward Current (Note.1) Collector Current – Continuous Input Power Dissipation Collector Output Power dissipation Total Power Dissipation Junction Temperature Soldering temperature Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Range Note.1:Pulse width≤100ms, Duty ratio : 0.001 Symbol VR VCEO VECO VISO IF IFM IC P Pc Ptot TJ Tsol Topr Tstg Rating 6 35 6 5000 50 1 50 70 150 200 125 260 -30 to 100 -55 to 125 Unit V Vrms mA A mA mW ℃ www.kexin.com.cn 1 SMD Type Photocoupler High Density Mounting Type […]

PC817 pdf

PC817 PDF Datasheet