PT6302A Datasheet PDF – Integrated Switching Regulator

Part Number: PT6302A

Function: ADJUSTABLE STEP-DOWN ISR, Integrated Switching Regulator

Package: SIP 12 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


PT6302A datasheet



The PT6300 Series is a line of High-Performance 3 Amp, 12-Pin SIP (Single In-line Package) Integrated Switching Regulators (ISRs) designed to meet the on-board power conversion needs of battery powered or other equipment requiring high efficiency and small size.

This high performance ISR family offers a unique combination of features combining 90% typical efficiency with open-collector on/off control and adjustable output voltage.

Quiescent current in the shutdown mode is typically less than 100µA.


1. 90% Efficiency

2. Adjustable Output Voltage

3. Internal Short Circuit Protection

4. Over-Temperature Protection

5. On/Off Control (Ground Off)

6. Small SIP Footprint

7. Wide Input Range



PT6302A Datasheet PDF Download

PT6302A pdf

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