PT6574LQ Datasheet PDF – LCD Driver IC, LQFP 80 Pin – PTC

Part Number: PT6574LQ, PT6574

Function: LCD Driver IC

Package: LQFP 80 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Princeton Technology ( )




The PT6574LQ is a 1/4 -duty general purpose LCD Driver IC utilizing CMOS Technology. It can drive up to 264 segments and control up to 8 general purpose output ports. The LCD drive block voltage range is from 2.7V to 6.0V and is independent of the logic block power supply voltage. Under a serial data interface, PT6574 can support 1/4 duty, 1/2 bias or 1/4 duty, 1/3 bias drive techniques. Display data is displayed directly without the need for a decoder circuit. Pin assignments and application circuit are optimized for easy PCB Layout and cost saving advantages.

An LCD driver IC typically consists of several key components, such as shift registers, segment drivers, and timing generators. The shift registers convert serial data into parallel data, which is then sent to the segment drivers. The segment drivers then apply the appropriate voltages to the LCD segments to create the desired display. The timing generators provide the necessary clock signals and timing signals to synchronize the operation of the LCD driver with the LCD itself.




1. CMOS Technology
2. RC Oscillator Circuit
3. Up to 264 Segments
4. Supports 1/4 Duty, 1/2 Bias Drive or 1/4 Duty 1/3 Bias Drive Techniques (Serial Data Control)
5. RC Oscillation Circuit



1. Cellular Phone
2. Data Bank/Organizer
3. Electronic Dictionary/Translator
4. P.O.S.
5. Information Appliance
6. Caller ID
7. Pager
8. Electronic equipment with LCD Display Panel


PT6574LQ Datasheet PDF



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