RK818 Datasheet PDF – QFN68, Complex PMIC – RockChip

Part Number: RK818

Function: Complex Power-Management Integrated Circuit

Package: QFN68 7.0 mm x 7.0 mm Type

Manufacturer: RockChip ( http://www.rock-chips.com/ )

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The RK818 is a complex power-management integrated circuit (PMIC) for multi-core system applications powered by a Li-ion or a Li-ion polymer battery cell, or by a 5V input either from an USB port or from an adaptor. The RK818 can provide a complete power management solution with very few external components.

The RK818 provides four configurable synchronous step-down converters and one synchronous step-up converter with current capability up to 4A and 2.5A, respectively. The device also contains 9 LDO regulators, one linear switch, one switch-mode charger, a battery fuel gauge, and the power path management function. Power-up/power-down controller is configurable and can support any customized power-up/power-down sequences (OTP based). A real-time clock (RTC) is also integrated to provide a 32-kHz output buffer, and real time function. The RK818 supports 32-kHz clock generation based on a crystal oscillator.






1. Input range : 3.8V – 6V for USB input, 2.7V – 4.5V for BAT input

2. Switch mode Li-ion battery charger providing charging current up to 3A

3. Power path controller with 5A current path

4. Accurate battery fuel gauge

5. Real time clock ( RTC )

6. Low standby current of less than 40uA ( at 32 KHZ clock frequency )



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RK818 Datasheet

RK818 pdf


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