RSN3502A PDF Datasheet – Audio Power Module

This post explains for the power module.

The Part Number is RSN3502A.

The function of this semiconductor is Audio Power Module.

The package is ZIP 14 Pin type

Manufacturer: Panasonic

Preview images :

RSN3502A audio power module


An Audio Power Module IC, also known as an Audio Power Amplifier IC or Audio Power Module, is an integrated circuit designed to provide amplification and power delivery for audio signals. It combines the functionality of a power amplifier with other components and circuitry necessary for audio amplification in a compact module.

Audio Power Module ICs are commonly used in audio systems, such as stereo receivers, home theater systems, portable speakers, car audio systems, and other consumer electronic devices where amplification of audio signals is required.

These modules typically include power amplifier circuitry capable of driving speakers or headphones, as well as control circuitry for volume adjustment, tone control, and other audio processing functions. They may also incorporate features such as thermal protection, short circuit protection, and DC offset detection to ensure safe and reliable operation.


RSN3502A pinout datasheet

RSN3502A PDF Datasheet

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