SA5209D Datasheet PDF – Variable Gain Amplifier

Part Number: SA5209D

Function: Wideband variable gain amplifier

Package: DIP, SO 16 pin Type

Manufacturer: NXP Semiconductors.


SA5209D datasheet



The SA5209, SA5209D represents a breakthrough in monolithic amplifier design featuring several innovations. This unique design has combined the advantages of a high speed bipolar process with the proven Gilbert architecture.

The SA5209 is a linear broadband RF amplifier whose gain is controlled by a single DC voltage. The amplifier runs off a single 5 volt supply and consumes only 40mA. The amplifier has high impedance (1kΩ) differential inputs. The output is 50Ωdifferential.

Therefore, the 5209 can simultaneously perform AGC, impedance transformation, and the balun functions.



1. Gain to 1.5GHz

2. 850MHz bandwidth

3. High impedance differential input

4. 50Ω differential output

5. Single 5V power supply

6. 0 – 1V gain control pin

7. >60dB gain control range at 200MHz

8. 26dB maximum gain differential



1. Linear AGC systems

2. Very linear AM modulator

3. RF balun

4. Cable TV multi-purpose amplifier

5. Fiber optic AGC


7. User programmable fixed gain block


SA5209D Datasheet PDF Download

SA5209D pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: SA5209, SA5209N