SG3525 Datasheet – SG3525AN, PWM Controller – Motorola

Part Number: SG3525, SG3525AN, SG3525ADW

Function : Pulse Width Modulator Control Circuit

Package:  N (DIP 16), DW (SMD 16) Type

Manufacturer: Motorola Inc



The SG3525A, SG3527A, SG3527AN pulse width modulator control circuits offer improved performance and lower external parts count when implemented for controlling all types of switching power supplies. The on–chip +5.1 V reference is trimmed to ±1% and the error amplifier has an input common–mode voltage range that includes the reference voltage, thus eliminating the need for external divider resistors.






1. 8.0 V to 35 V Operation

2. 5.1 V ± 1.0% Trimmed Reference

3. 100 Hz to 400 kHz Oscillator Range

4. Separate Oscillator Sync Pin

5. Adjustable Deadtime Control

6. Input Undervoltage Lockout

7. Latching PWM to Prevent Multiple Pulses

8. Pulse–by–Pulse Shutdown

9. Dual Source/Sink Outputs: ±400 mA Peak




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SG3525 Datasheet


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