SM411 PDF Datasheet – Fast & Flexible Chip Shooter

Part Number: SM411

Function: Fast & Flexible Chip Shooter

Manufacturer: Samsung


SM411 pdf datasheet


SM411 is Fast & Flexible Chip Shooter.

This procedure describes the calibration procedure that must be performed after installing the device and performing Warming-Up. The operations that need to be confirmed or performed before performing calibration are as follows.

Samsung SM411 Flexible high speed chip shooter as a high performance chip shooter that applies two gantries equipped with 10 spindles per head as well as new flying vision, the device realizes a chip mounting speed of 75,000 CPH, the highest in the world among chip shooters of the same class.

And since it allows part recognition without stopping after part pickup by applying its original On-the-Fly image recognition technology, the SM411 Samsung pick and place machine maximizes the part placement speed by minimizing the time to move between the pickup position and placement position and by reducing the recognition time to almost zero.


1. I/O Test

2. Check and correct Mirror Offset

3. Nozzle Check and Vacuum Check Option of System Constant

4. Nozzle Check and System Constant Calibration Tool Option: [80] No. “1” (default)

Service Manual:

3.1. Mirror Offset Check and Correction In order to clearly display the image displayed on the fly camera through the mirror, the Swing Mirror Offset should be set. The following is the Swing Mirror Offset setting process. 1. Operate the teach pendant to move the Head Assembly to both sides as far as possible. 2. In the ‘Sys. Setup’ menu, select the ‘Calib.’ submenu, click the <1. Axis Home Calibration> button, and then select ‘H1F-M1’ in the ‘System Axis Home & Limit Info.’ dialog box. 1 3 2 4 5 3-2  Calibration 3. Select ‘Manual Tool’ from the ‘Tools’ shortcut menu, and select ‘Mirror’ from the <Axis> combo box in the ‘Manual Control’ dialog. 2 3 1 4. In the field of the ‘Manual Control’ dialog, select the edit box, enter ‘180’ and click the button. 1 2 5. When the 3 points in the figure below are inconsistent, use the teaching frame to make the three points of Idler wheel, CAM driving axis, and Mark in the same line as shown in the figure below. The position at this time is called “180”. 3-3  Samsung Component Placer SM411 Service Manual Idler wheel Driving axis Cam Mark Swing Mirror Home Position 180˚Position 6. Use a general ruler to confirm whether the centers of the three circles are on the same straight line. 7. Please pay attention to safety when checking with the naked eye. At this time, the parties directly operate the equipment.



SM411 samsung

SM411 PDF Datasheet