SRD-12VDC-SL-C Datasheet PDF – 12V, RELAY – SONGLE

This is one of the relay types. A relay allows a low-power electrical signal, such as from a microcontroller or sensor, to control a much larger current or voltage, such as required to drive a motor or light bulb. This allows a small electronic device to control a much larger one, or to isolate the low-power circuit from the high-power one. Relays are used in a wide range of applications, including automotive systems, HVAC systems, and computer power supplies.

This part name is SRD-12VDC-SL-C.

This product has SRD Series 12V RELAY functions.

The contact form is 1 form C Type.

The manufacturer of the product is SONGLE.

Songle is a brand that manufactures a wide range of electrical components, including relays. Specifically, the Songle relays are known for their reliability and performance in various applications that require switching electrical circuits.

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SRD-12VDC-SL-C relay


SRD-12VDC-SL-C is 12V, PCB Type, RELAY. Relays are electromechanical devices used to control or switch high-power electrical loads with the help of a low-power control signal. The core function of a relay is to isolate the control circuit from the high-power circuit, ensuring safety and efficiency in controlling electrical equipment.


1. Contact form : C type

2. Contact resistance : 100mΩ (1A 6VDC)

3. Contact material : Silver alloy: AgCdO, AgSnO2, AgNi

4. Contact load : 7A/250 VAC 10A/250 VAC 15A/250 VAC

5. Maximum switching voltage : 250 VAC

6. Maximum switching current : 15 A

7. Maximum switching power : 3,750 VA



1. Switching capacity available by 10A in spite of small size design for high density P .C. board mounting technique.

2. UL,CUL,TUV recognized.

3. Selection of plastic material for high temperature and better chemical solution performance.

4. Sealed types available.

5. Simple relay magnetic circuit to meet low cost of mass production.


SRD-12VDC-SL-C Datasheet pinouts


SRD-12VDC-SL-C Datasheet

SRD-05VDC-SL-C pdf

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