SSR-25DA PDF Datasheet – 25A, DC to AC Solid State Relay

Part Number: SSR-25DA

Function: DC to AC Solid State Relay

Package: Surface Mounting Type

Manufacturer: Fotek

Images:SSR-25DA pdf relay


SSR-25DA is 25A, solid state relay. A DC to AC Solid State Relay (SSR) is an electronic switching device that allows a direct current (DC) input signal to control the switching of an alternating current (AC) output load. It uses solid state components like thyristors, triacs, or transistors to perform the switching function, without the need for mechanical contacts like in traditional electromechanical relays.

SSRs are commonly used in various applications where precise and rapid switching of AC loads is required, such as in industrial control systems, heating elements, motor control, and more. They offer advantages like faster switching times, longer lifespan due to no mechanical wear, and reduced electromagnetic interference compared to traditional relays.


1. High Reliability by S.M.T & TQC

2. High Isolation over than 50MΩ / 500VDC

3. High Dielectric over than 2.5kV

4. Low Enable Current less than 7.5mA / 12VDC

5. Low EMI / EFI & Surge by Zero Cross Trigger Method

6. High Surge Current Duration Over 10 Times fo Rated Current / One Cycle

7. High Surge Voltage Duration by Snubber Circuit.

SSR-25DA datasheet pinout


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SSR-25DA PDF Datasheet