STK404-130S Pinout – Audio Amplifier

This is One-Channel Class AB Audio Power Amplifier.

Part Number: STK404-130S

Function: Audio Power Amplifier Hybrid IC

Package: SIP 13 Pin type

Manufacturer: Sony


STK404-130S datasheet sony


The STK404-000S series products are audio power amplifier hybrid ICs that consist of optimally-designed discrete component power amplifier circuits that have been miniaturized using SANYO’s unique insulated metal substrate technology (IMST). The adoption of a newly-developed low thermal resistance substrate allows this series of devices to be provided in miniature packages significantly more compact than earlier Sanyo products with similar specifications.

The STK404-130S is a hybrid integrated circuit (IC) module manufactured by Sanyo (now part of ON Semiconductor). It is specifically designed for audio power amplification applications.

The STK404-130S module incorporates multiple components, including power transistors, biasing circuitry, and protection features, all packaged in a compact module. This design simplifies the construction of audio amplifier circuits, as it eliminates the need for discrete component selection and assembly.


1. Series of pin compatible power amplifiers ranging from 45W to 180W (10%/1kHz) devices. The same printed circuit board can be used depending on the output power grade.

2. Output load impedance: RL=6Ω

3. Allowable load shorted time: 0.3 seconds

4. Built-in thermal protection circuit

5. Supports the use of standby, muting, and load shorting protection circuits

6. High-Fidelity Audio: The module is designed to provide high-fidelity audio reproduction with low distortion and low noise levels.

7. Built-in Protection Circuitry: The STK404-130S includes built-in protection features like thermal shutdown, overcurrent protection, and overvoltage protection. These safeguards help protect the module and connected speakers from damage in case of fault conditions.

Block Diagram and Pinouts

STK404-130S pinout equivalent


STK404-130S Datasheet

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