STK442-110 PDF – Class AB 2 Channels AF Power Amplifier

Part Number: STK442-110

Function: Class AB 2 Channels AF Power Amplifier

Package: SIP 14 Pin

Manufacturer: Sanyo

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The STK442-110 is Class AB 2 Channels AF Power Amplifier.

A Class AB AF (Audio Frequency) Power Amplifier is a type of electronic amplifier that is commonly used in audio systems to amplify low-frequency signals. It is designed to combine the advantages of both Class A and Class B amplifiers to achieve a balance between efficiency and linearity.

In a Class AB AF Power Amplifier, the output stage consists of a pair of transistors (usually one NPN and one PNP) that work together to amplify the audio signal. The two transistors are biased slightly above their cutoff points to ensure that they are always conducting a small amount of current, even when there is no input signal. This biasing arrangement reduces the crossover distortion inherent in Class B amplifiers.


SPECIFICATIONS No. STK442-110 1. Case Outline 14Pins (See attached outline drawing) 2. Function class AB 2 channels AF power amplifier 3. Application 70W audio use 4. Maximum Ratings / Ta=25deg. Item Power Supply Voltage 1 Power Supply Voltage 2 Thermal Resistance Junction Temperature Operating Substrate Temperature Storage Temperature Available Time for Load Short-circuit *4 Symbol Conditions Vcc max(1) No signal Vcc max(2) Signal ,R L=8ohm ,6ohm Theta j-c Per one power TR Tj max Tc max Tstg Vcc=+-38V,RL=6ohm,f=50Hz ts PO=70W,1ch drive 2000.06.05 TENTATIVE Ratings Unit +-61.5 V +-54 V 1.9 deg./W 150 deg. 125 deg. -30 to +125 deg. 0.3 s 5. Operating Characteristics Tc=25deg.,RL=6ohm(Non-inductive Load),Rg=600ohm,VG=30dB Item Output Power THD Frequency Characteristics Input Impedance Output Noise Voltage Quiescent Current Output Neutral Voltage *3 *1 *1 *1 Symbol Po1 Po2 THD fL,fH ri VNO ICCO VN Conditions Po V f (W) (V) (Hz) +-38 20 to 20k +-38 1k *2 THD (%) 0.4 10 Ratings MIN. 70 110 0.2 +0 -3 dB 20 to 50k 55 Rg=2.2 kohm 1.0 80 -70 0 +70 TYP. MAX. Unit W % Hz kohm mVrms mA mV +-38 20 to 20k 70 +-38 +-38 +-46 +-46 +-46 1k 1.0 1.0 *Specifications and information herein are subject to change without notice. Note *1.1ch Drive *2.All tests are measured using a constant-voltage supply unless otherwise specified. *3.The output noise voltage is peak value of an average-reading meter with a rms value scale(VTVM). A regulated AC supply(50Hz) should be used to eliminate the effects of AC primary line flicker noise. *4.Available time for load short-circuit and output noise voltage are measured using the specified transformer power supply. […]

STK442-110 amplifier datasheet

STK442-110 PDF Datasheet