STR-X6750F PDF Datasheet – Power IC for Quasi-Resonant

This post explains for the semiconductor STR-X6750.

The Part Number is STR-X6750F.

The function of this this is Power IC for Quasi-Resonant Type Switching Power Supply.

Package: TO-3PF-7L Type

Manufacturer: Sanken

Preview images :

STR-X6750F pdf pinout


The STR-X6750F is power IC for quasi-resonant type switching power supply, incorporating a power MOSFET and a controller IC. The product achieves high efficiency and low noise power supply systems by the quasi-resonant operation.

An IC (Integrated Circuit) for a quasi-resonant type switching power supply is a specialized semiconductor device designed to control and regulate the operation of a quasi-resonant (QR) switching power supply. Quasi-resonant power supplies are a type of switch-mode power supply (SMPS) that offer advantages in terms of reduced electromagnetic interference (EMI), improved efficiency, and lower switching losses compared to traditional fixed-frequency SMPS designs.


1. Quasi-resonant operation mode

(1) Achieves the optimal high efficiency and low noise power supply systems.

2. Current mode control

3.  Built-in PWM oscillator

(1) The PWM operates with the minimum frequency of around 22kHz, until the quasi-resonant signal becomes valid, reduces the stress on components at startup and load-shorted.

4. Built-in soft start function

5. Step-drive function, reducing switching noise

STR-X6750F datasheet

1. Specification :

(1) MOSFET 650V(MIN), 0.62Ω(MAX)



1. Home appliances

2. OA equipments

3. Industry machines

4. Communication devices

STR-X6750F PDF Datasheet