TA7120P Datasheet PDF – Pre-Amplifier / Voltage Amplifier

Part Number: TA7120P

Function: General Purpose Pre-Amplifier / Voltage Amplifier

Package: SIP 7 Pin type

Manufacturer: Toshiba


TA7120P datasheet



The TA7120P is Pre-Amplifier / Voltage Amplifier.

A voltage amplifier is an electronic circuit that amplifies or increases the voltage of an electrical signal. The input signal is usually a low-level voltage, and the output signal is a higher-level voltage with the same waveform as the input signal.

Voltage amplifiers are widely used in electronic devices and circuits to increase the amplitude of signals that are too weak to be processed directly, such as signals from microphones, guitars, or sensors. They are also used in power amplifiers to drive speakers or other loads that require high power levels.


1. Low Noise : Vni = 2µVrms (Typ.)

2. Wide Operating Supply Voltage Range

3. High Open Loop Voltage Gain : Gvo = 78dB (Typ.)





Other data sheets are available within the file: TA7120, TA7120P-C


TA7120P Datasheet PDF Download

TA7120P pdf

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