MCB2470 Datasheet PDF – ARM, Evaluation Board

Part Number: MCB2470

Function: Evaluation Board

Manufacturer: KEIL, ARM Ltd


MCB2470 datasheet


The ARM7TDMI based MCB2470 Evaluation Board allows you to generate and test application programs for the NXP (formerly Philips) LPC24xx microcontroller family. With this hands-on process, you can determine the hardware and software requirements for current and future product development.

The Evaluation Board ships with the LPC2478 device that is a superset of several other device variants of the LPC24xx microcontroller series. The Board contains all the hardware components required in a single-chip LPC24xx system.

The Evaluation Board also includes a 320×240 TFT LCD QVGA color display module with a built-in touchscreen.

Development Boards & Kits – ARM EVAL BOARD FOR NXP LPC2478


1. LPC2478 ARM7TDMI processor-based MCU

2. On-Chip Memory: 512KB Flash & 96KB RAM

3. External Memory: 128MB NAND Flash, 4MB NOR Flash, & 32MB SDRAM

4. Color QVGA LCD with Touchscreen

5. 10/100 Ethernet Port

6. USB 2.0 Full Speed – USB, USB-OTG, USB Host, & UART via USB

7. Serial Port and CAN Interface

8. SD/MMC Card Interface

9. 5-position Joystick and 3-axis accelerometer

10. Analog Voltage Control for ADC Input

11. Amplifier and Speaker

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MCB2470 Datasheet PDF Download

MCB2470 pdf

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TDA5247 Datasheet – TDA5247HT for Quantum HDD – Philips

Part Number: TDA5247, TDA5247HT

Function: Chip for Quantum HDD Logic Board

Package: QFP 80 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Philips


TDA5247 datasheet pinout

Chips used to drive spindle motor (3 phase brushless DC) are Philips TDA5247HT or Panasonic AN8428GAK.

TDA5247HT, Philips, spindle motor + VCM controller
possible replacement for TDA5247HT = Panasonic AN8428NGAR

Reference Site:

TDA5247 Datasheet

Reference Datasheet : AN8428GAK, Driver for 3.5inch HDD motor

AN8428GAK is motor comb IC for 3.5inch HDD. By new retract circuit ,reduce external components and shorten the brake time of the disk to improve reliability of HDD. Spindle motor sensor less linear drive.
VCM linear drive , PWM-DAC control. Built-in Retract , 12 V/5 V/3.3 V power monitor, 3.3 V-Regulator.
80-pin TQFP package with exposed heat think.

■ Features
● By new retract circuit ,reduce external components and shorten the brake time 1/2 of the disk to improve reliability of HDD.
● Built-in shock sensor amplifier for mechanical shock protection and 3.3 V regulator for logic semiconductor.
● 10 dB acoustic noise reduction by trapezoidal current on spindle motor drive .
● 80- pin TQFP package with the smallest thermal resistance in the  industry. Meet to increase speed of HDD higher 30 % than previous.

TDA5247 Datasheet AN8428GAK datasheet