PALCE16V8Q-25PC Datasheet – Programmable Logic Device

Part Number: PALCE16V8Q-25PC

Function: EE CMOS (Zero-Power) 20-Pin Universal Programmable Array Logic

Package: DIP 20 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Lattice Semiconductor


PALCE16V8Q-25PC Lattice


GENERAL Description

The PALCE16V8 is an advanced PALdevice built with low-power, high-speed,  electricallyerasable CMOS technology. It is functionally compatible with all 20-pin GAL devices. The macrocells provide a universal device architecture. The PALCE16V8 will directly replace the PAL16R8, with the exception of the PAL16C1. The fixed OR array allows up to eight data product terms per output for logic functions. The sum of these products feeds the output macrocell. Each macrocell can be programmed as registered or combinatorial with an active-high or active-low output. The output configuration is determined by two global bits and one local bit controlling four multiplexers in each macrocell.


PALCE16V8Q-25PC datasheet


1. Pin and function compatible with all 20-pin PAL devices
2. Electrically erasable CMOS technology provides reconfigurable logic and full testability
3. High-speed CMOS technology
(1) 5-ns propagation delay for “-5” version
(2) 7.5-ns propagation delay for “-7” version
4. Direct plug-in replacement for the PAL16R8 series
5. Outputs programmable as registered or combinatorial in any combination



PALCE16V8Q-25PC Datasheet PDF Download

PALCE16V8Q-25PC pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: PALCE16V8H, PALCE16V8H-10, PALCE16V8H-10JC/4

MT6628 Datasheet – Wireless Communication Device – Mediatek

Part Number : MT6628, MT6628Q, MT6628T

Function: Wireless Communication Device

Package: WLCSP (3.99×4.45mm2) Type

Manufacturer:  Mediatek





With four advanced radio technologies integrated into one single chip, MT6628 provides the best and most convenient connectivity solution among the industry. MT6628Q implements advanced and sophisticated Radio Coexistence algorithms and hardware mechanisms. It also supports single antenna sharing among 2.4 GHz antenna for Bluetooth, WLAN and 1.575 GHz for GPS. The enhanced overall quality is achieved for simultaneous voice, data, and audio/video transmission on mobile phones and Media Tablets. The small footprint of WLCSP package with low-power consumption greatly reduces PCB layout resource. The software package “Symphony” enables all advanced wireless features on Android OS.


Block Diagram




1. Embedded single core 32-bit RISC CPU for better system level management between subsystems
2. Supports single antenna for Bluetooth and WLAN
3. Self calibration
4. Single crystal for GPS, BT and WLAN
5. Integrated switching regulator enables direct connection to battery
6. Best-in-class current consumption performance
7. OS support: Android and Windows Mobile
8. Intelligent BT/WLAN coexistence scheme that goes beyond PTA signaling (for example, transmit
window and duration that take into account of protocol exchange sequence, frequency, etc.)
9. Single antenna support for WLAN/Bluetooth/GPS


Reference Site

MT6628 Datasheet

1. MT6628Q_Datasheet.PDF
2. MT6628T_Datasheet.PDF


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