TF024 PDF Datasheet – Thin Film Chip Resistor – Phycomp

Part Number: TF024

Function: (TFx24 Series) Thin Film Chip Resistor

Size : 1206 Type

Manufacturer: Phycomp

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The resistors are constructed on a high grade ceramic body (aluminium oxide). Internal metal electrodes are added at each end and connected by a resistive paste which is applied to the top surface of the substrate. The composition of the paste is adjusted to give the approximate resistance required and the value is trimmed to within tolerance, by laser cutting of this resistive layer.

TF024 is Thin Film Chip Resistor. A thin-film chip resistor is a type of electronic component used in electronic circuits to provide precise resistance values while occupying a small amount of space on a printed circuit board (PCB). These resistors are constructed using a thin film of resistive material deposited onto a ceramic substrate, which allows for high-precision and stable resistance values.


• High precision

• High long-term stability

• Low temperature coefficient.

TF024 datasheet


• Converters

• Printer equipment

• Motherboards

• Telecom

• Consumer.

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TF024 PDF Datasheet

IRF500 PDF Datasheet – High Power Wire Wound Resistor

Part Number: IRF500

Function: High Power Wire Wound Resistor

Manufacturer: Power Solution ( Nikkohm )

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IRF500, high-power wire-wound resistor is a type of resistor designed to handle relatively large amounts of power and dissipate it in the form of heat. These resistors are constructed using a resistance wire that is wound around a ceramic or metal core, providing the necessary resistance value and power handling capabilities.

Features and Applications:

Non-inductive, flat shaped aluminum housed wire wound fixed resistors with 50W to 500W.. Minimum resistance of 1ohm, +/-0.5% tolerance available. 10mm thickness allows excellent heat extrusion from resistor. Narrower body (IRN) will be suitable for high density installation. Light weight silicone filled insulation and higher temperature operating cement filled insulation are prepared. Strong over load characteristics are fit for applications of industrial power electronics, switching power supplies, braking resistors for motor control electronics, rush current protection in automotive electronics, industrial power supplies.

Dimensions (mm):

D B G 300+/-10 F E A F C Type IRN 50 IRN100 IRN150 IRF100 IRF150 IRF200 IRF250 IRF300 IRF400 IRF500 A 70Weight(g) 100 160 220 155 200 245 290 335 430 525 POWER SOLUTION – NIKKOHM 50W to 500W HIGH POWER WIRE WOUND RESISTORS FLAT SHAPED ALUMINUM HOUSED. IRN50-IRN150, IRF150-IRF500 Ordering Information P/N IRN100S1R0J 0.75sqmm IRN150C1K0F IRF200S100RJ IRF500C10RJ 2sqmm Type IRN100 IRN150 IRF200 IRF500 Resistance (ohm) 1-420 1-1.1K 1-1.75K 1-1.1K 1-1.75K 1-2.2K 1-2.79K 1-3.5K 1-4.45K 1-5.78K Insulating Material S(Silicone) C(Cement) S(Silicone) C(Cement) Tolerance (%) Resistance 1 ohm 1K ohm 100 ohm 10 ohm Dielectric strength Standard AC1000V, Available AC  – Performance Term Temperature Coefficient Insulation Resistance Operating Temperature, cement filled Operating Temperature, silicone filled Short Time Overload Moisture Resistance Thermal Shock Vibration Humidity Load Life Specifications +/-260 ppm/C 20Megohm min. -55C – +200C -55C – +150C +/-(1.0%+0.05ohm) +/-(2.0%+0.05ohm) +/-(1.0%+0.05ohm) +/-(1.0%+0.05ohm) +/-(2.0%+0.05ohm) +/-(2.0%+0.05ohm) Conditions Maximum Dry condition. 5 times rating power, 5 seconds. 40C, 95%RH, DC100V case to leads, 500H Heating with rating […]

IRF500 datasheet


IRF500 PDF Datasheet