SC1S311 Datasheet PDF – SSC1S311 – Sanken

0. Part Number: SSC1S311, Sanken Electroinc.

1. Scope
The present specifications shall apply to a monolithic IC type SSC1S311 for Switching regulators.

2. Outline
(1) Type : Monolithic IC
(2) Structure : Plastic mold package (Transfer mold)
(3) Applications: Switching regulators

SSC1S311 is marking SC1S311

SC1S311 Image
3. Absolute maximum ratings
4. Electrical characteristics
5. Block diagram :
SSC1S311 Block Diagram
6. Example application circuit
7. Package outline
8. Packing specifications
9. Cautions and warnings

Marking Code :

SC1S311 SOP8

Package: SMD 8 Pin

( Drvie FET )

Application Circuits :


Datasheet PDF :  [ SC1S311.PDF, SSC1S311.PDF ]

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STR-G5643D Datasheet – STRG5643D – Switching Regulator

This post explains for the semiconductor STR-G5643D.

The Part Number is STRG5643D. The Package is TO-220, 5 Pin.

The function of this semiconductor is SMPS-IC Off line switching regulator.

Manufacturer: Sanken, Allegro

Preview images :

STR-G5643D regulator


1. D ( Drain Terminal )
2. S ( Sourece Terminal )
3. GND ( Ground )
4. Vcc ( Power Supply Terminal )
5. FB/O.C.P ( Over Current / Feedback Terminal )


A switching regulator, also known as a switching mode power supply (SMPS), is an electronic device used for voltage conversion. It efficiently converts one DC voltage level to another by rapidly switching the input voltage on and off. This switching action allows for higher efficiency compared to linear regulators, which dissipate excess energy as heat.

Block Diagram

STR-G5643D Datasheet


Some key advantages of switching regulators include:

1. High efficiency: Switching regulators can achieve efficiencies of 80% to 95% and sometimes even higher. This results in less power dissipation and longer battery life in portable devices.

2. Compact size: Switching regulators can be designed with smaller components due to higher efficiency and the ability to operate at higher frequencies.

3. Wide input voltage range: Switching regulators can handle a wide range of input voltages, allowing for flexibility in power sources.

4. Output voltage regulation: They provide good voltage regulation even with varying input voltage or load conditions.


Appliction Circuts


STR-G5643D Datasheet


STR-G5643D pdf

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