TC74HC4538 Datasheet – Retriggerable Monostable Multivibrator

Part Number: TC74HC4538, TC74HC4538AP, TC74HC4538AF, TC74HC4538AFT

Function: Dual Retriggerable Monostable Multivibrator

Manufacturer: TOSHIBA


TC74HC4538 image


The TC74HC4538A is a high speed CMOS MONOSTABLE MULTIVIBRATOR fabricated with silicon gate C2 MOS technology. It achieves the high speed operation similar to equivalent LSTTL while maintaining the CMOS low power dissipation. There are two trigger inputs, A input (positive edge input), and B  input (negative edge input). These inputs are valid for a slow rise/fall time signal (tr =tf =1 s) as they are schmitt trigger inputs. After triggering, the output stays in a MONOSTABLE state for the time period determined by the external resistor and capacitor (RX, CX). A low level at  CD input breaks this STABLE STATE. In the MONOSTABLE state, if a new trigger is applied, it makes the MONOSTABLE period longer (retrigger mode).

Features (Note)
•  High speed: tpd =25 ns (typ.) at VCC =5 V
•  Low power dissipation
Stand by state: ICC =4 μA (max) at Ta =25°C
Active state: ICC =300 μA (max) at Ta =25°C
•  High noise immunity: VNIH =VNIL =28% VCC(min)
•  Output drive capability: 10 LSTTL loads
•  Symmetrical output impedance: |IOH| =IOL =4 mA (min)

TC74HC4538 datasheet

TC74HC4538 Datasheet PDF


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