TPS92560 Datasheet PDF – Simple LED Driver

Part Number: TPS92560

Function: Simple LED Driver for MR16 and AR111 Applications

Package: 10-pin mini SOIC package with exposed pad

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


TPS92560 datasheet



The TPS92560 is a simple LED driver designed to drive high power LEDs by drawing constant current from the power source. The device is ideal for MR16 and AR111 applications which need good compatibility to DC and AC voltages and electronic transformers. The  hysteretic control scheme does not need control loop compensation while providing the benefits of fast transient response and high power factor. The patent pending feedback control method allows the output power to be determined by the number of LED used without component change. The TPS92560 supports both boost and SEPIC configurations for the use of different LED modules.


1. Allows Either Step-Up or Step-Up/Down Operation

2. Compatible to Generic Electronic Transformers

3. Compatible to Magnetic Transformers and DC Power Supplies

4. Integrated Active Low-Side Input Rectifiers

5. Compact and Simple Circuit

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TPS92560 Datasheet PDF Download

TPS92560 pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: TPS92560DGQ, TPS92560DGQR