uP7704 PDF Datasheet – 2A, Low Dropout Linear Regulator

Part Number: uP7704, uP7704U8, uP7704ADDA

Function: 2A Ultra Low Dropout Linear Regulator

Package: PSOP-8, WDFN3x3-10L Type

Manufacturer: uPI Semiconductor

Images:uP7704 pinout pdf


The uP7704 is a 2A ultra low dropout linear regulator specifically designed for motherboard, notebook and graphic card applications. This device works with dual supplies, a control input for the control circuitry and a power input as low as 1.2V for providing current to output. The uP7704
delivers high-current and ultra-low-drop output voltage as low as 0.8V for applications where VOUT is very close to VIN.


1. Works with 1.2V~5.5V VIN

(1) Adjustable Output Voltage, Down to 0.8V

(2) 1.5% Initial Accuracy

(3) Excellent Line and Load Regulation

2. 2A Guaranteed Output Current

(1) 300mV @ 2A Dropout Voltage

3. Very Low On-Resistance : 150mΩ typical

4. VOUT Pull Low Resistance when Disabled

5. VOUT Power OK Signal

6. Fast Transient Response

Block Diagram:

uP7704 datasheet


1. Desktop PCs, Notebooks, and Workstations

2. Graphic Cards

3. Low Voltage Logic Supplies

4. Microprocessor and Chipset Supplies

5. Split Plane Microprocessor Supplies

6. Advanced Graphics Cards Supplies

7. SoundCards and Auxiliary Power Supplies

uP7704 PDF Datasheet