W04M Diode – 400W, 1.5A, Bridge Rectifier – Won-Top

What is W04M?

This is commonly used in power supplies, battery chargers, and other electronic devices that require rectification of AC voltage to DC voltage.

Function: Reverse voltage 400V, 1.5A Single Phase Bridge Rectifier

Manufacturer: Won-Top Electronics

Image and Pinouts:

W04M datasheet


W04M is a single-phase, full-wave bridge rectifier diode. It has a maximum average forward current of 1.5A, a peak reverse voltage of 400V.


1. Diffused Junction
2. Low Forward Voltage Drop
3. High Current Capability
4. High Reliability
5. High Surge Current Capability
6. Ideal for Printed Circuit Boards
7. UL Recognized File # E157705

Mechanical Data

1. Case : WOB, Molded Plastic
2. Terminals : Plated Leads Solderable per MIL-STD-202, Method 208
3. Polarity : As Marked on Body
4. Weight : 1.1 grams ( approx. )
5. Mouting Position : Any
6. Marking : Type Number



1. Simple and compact design
2. High efficiency
3. Low power loss
4. Low thermal resistance


1. Lower voltage rating compared to other bridge rectifiers
2. Limited maximum average forward current


Other data sheets are available within the file: W005M, W01M, W02M, W04M, W06M

W04M Datasheet PDF Download

W04M pdf


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