WHC-1500-01 Datasheet PDF – Wire Harness Clamp

Part Number: WHC-1500-01

Function: Clip; Wire Harness Clip; UV Stabilized Nylon; 0.19 in.; 1-1/2 in 0.5 in.

Manufacturer: RICOH Co.,Ltd.


WHC-1500-01 datasheet



Wire Harness Clip, Material UV Stabilized Nylon, Inner Diameter 0.156 in. and 0.204 in.

1. Wire Harness
2. Cable and Wire Can Be Installed or Removed for Repair Without Removing Clamp
3. Mounts With Screws, Mounting Buttons or Rivets
4. Material: Nylon 6/6, RMS-01
5. Color: Natural


1. Can be preinstalled to chassis with cables inserted at a later time

2. Cables can be removed for wiring changes or replacements


Other data sheets are available within the file: WHC150001, WHC-125-01, WHC-1000-01BK

WHC-1500-01 Datasheet PDF Download

WHC-1500-01 pdf

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